Executive Summary

The AIRBORNE PUBLIC SAFETY ACCREDITATION COMMISSION (APSAC) is an entity within The Airborne Public Safety Association (APSA) that provides, develops, and maintains standards of accreditation for operations performed by public safety aviation units and offers auditing, consulting, and accreditation services to public safety aviation operations in accordance with those standards. 

The Commission authored professional standards for public safety aviation operations that are applicable to all airborne public safety units regardless of size or branch of government.  

These standards are designed to provide units a foundation of safe operating practices in the performance of their agency’s mission. The standards were formulated on what have been identified as the two highest priorities of an airborne public safety unit; “Safety First” in all aspects of the operation and providing effective aviation support services in the furtherance of the agency’s public safety mission. 

APSAC’s commitment to these priorities forms the foundation of the standards and the ensuing Accreditation Program.  Each standard is supported by and evaluated against measurable objectives.  Recommendations and guidelines are also offered as further explanation of the standard’s intent.

The Standards encompass all aspects of airborne public safety and have been divided into five major areas of consideration:  Administration, Flight Operations, Safety, Training and Maintenance.  The subsections within each area are intended to encompass the primary aspects of public safety aviation unit operations for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

Accreditation Services

By enhancing safety procedures and standards, APSAC helps bring flight units into full compliance with established industry standards. We are the premier public safety aviation compliance agency in the world and work with units throughout the US and Canada.

Standards & Benefits

The benefits of accreditation are nearly too numerous to list. From helping increase safety standards to cutting liability costs and increasing support from government agencies, meeting our aviation safety standards sets your agency apart from the rest.

The Commission’s Mission

As dedicated public safety aviation experts and professionals, our mission is to increase the safety and efficiency of all public safety aviation practices and participants. From law enforcement, fire, and search and rescue units to individuals and outside agencies, we are dedicated to furthering our cause and the safety procedures many people depend upon.